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Weekend trip crossdressed: >> I do if I don’t << at “Kunstmuseum Stuttgart”

The “Kunstmuseum Stuttgart” is located in a modern glass cube, built in 2005 on “Schlossplatz” (palace square) in downtown Stuttgart. It houses the municipal gallery and provides space for changing exhibitions. Between March and August 2022, Tobias Rehberger, a German sculptor and arts professor in Frankfurt used this space for an exposition named  >> I do if I don’t <<. This is where Franziska headed on Sunday morning, after breakfast at the hotel and check-out.   Portrait of the day, with the “Kunstmuseum” in the background.   One of the displays at the exhibition. Some of you might remember this wonderful short buckskin skirt. It closes in the front with snap fasteners. One of the security guards got a kick out of taking pictures of Franziska, once I had asked him for help. The red sticker says “Kunst” (arts) and is the token that you have paid your entrance fee. Polka dots, of sorts.

Weekend trip crossdressed: "Rusalka" and other trans performers

"Rusalka" is an opera written by Antonín Dvořák that was first performed in Prague in 1901. It is a sad story, … , but it is also the basis to many modern-day mermaid stories and movies that you might know. In this production of Rusalka at the opera house of the Stuttgart state theaters, several of the characters – including Rusalka herself – were staffed twice, once by an actor and once by an actress. Only one of them sang, while the other one followed around, sort of like a shadow, but displaying the character’s emotional state and inner feelings. There were also some light and funny scenes, e.g., when three wood sprites (sirens, mermaids), all played by men, were teasing Rusalka’s father, the water goblin Vodník, with their feminine charms. This was one of the best, probably  the  best opera performance so far in my life. I had an issue with my camera, for which reason I had to take some of the following pictures with my cellular phone.   Portrait of the evening. Outfit of