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Shopping - concert - wine bar

April 2022: Afternoon and evening out and about. Outfit of the day was a burgundy faux leather pant, worn with a black body, a black blazer, and a matching scarf.  Portrait of the day. Shopping at one of the big department stores on the pedestrians-only shopping street “Zeil,” where I found this very nice display of wonderful - but mostly unaffordable - clothes. I couldn’t resist to ask the shop assistant to take this picture, though and you might recognise my blog header picture in there. Early dinner at one of Franziska’s favorite Italian restaurants off of Frankfurt’s “Freßgass” (Große Bockenheimer Straße), which is in close proximity to the “Alte Oper.” After dinner, Franziska went on to hear  Pro Arte / HÉLÈNE GRIMAUD Camerata Salzburg there. Intermission. Don’t you hate waiting in line for a drink in the short intermission, sometimes being left with less than 5 minutes to enjoy that drink. That is why I make use of the option, provided at most venues, to order your drink (and pos


March 2022 - evening: After lunch and shopping, Franziska went home, dressed up, freshened up her makeup, put on some different jewelry, and changed handbags, before heading out to the Frankfurt opera house for Giuseppe Verdi’s “Rigoletto.” That was actually a very nice performance and the atmosphere at the opera is always very festive and people dress up (to a certain extent), which is also one of the reasons for Franziska to go there.    Portrait of the evening. Outfit of the evening: a slightly glittery, fairly short, black velvet dress with long sleeves. I love it. Afterwards, I visited my favorite wine bar, favorite to both my male and female alter egos (please revisit my posting from 24.12.2022). The wine bar is quite small, it is very popular with women (at any given time easily 60-70% of the guests are women), and it has a large round wooden table in the center of the room, which is often used by different parties at the same time. Across from me at that very table were two lad

Lunch at Kleinmarkthalle

March 2022 - daytime: Again, a day for the brunette wig to have its performance. I tend to wear a wig three to four times and then drop it off at the hairdresser for washing, care, and styling and wear the other one in the meantime. If faced with the option to freely choose one of the two, I will go for the blonde wig. My wife even finds that the blonde wig fits better to Franziska's personality. That statement always leaves me a little unsure if I should feel offended. Portrait of the day. Red and brunette seem to go well together. Lunch at Kleinmarkthalle. What a great place in the heart of Frankfurt for lunch, wine, and grocery shopping. The outfit of the day in two versions: black leather skirt, satin blouse, red leather jacket, red suede ankle boots.

Young Frankenstein

January 2022 - evening: A unique occurrence – so far – brunette during the day and blonde in the evening. There was a good reason for that, but I forgot what it was. Anyway, in the evening of the same day as in the last posting, Franziska wore her blonde wig, a black dress, and a red blazer to visit the  English Theater Frankfurt for a performance of „Young Frankenstein.“ It is called English Theater, because all performances are in English exclusively. I’ll refrain from commenting on the performance and the piece itself. With the beginning of 2022 still being under COVID-related constraints, it was compulsory to wear a mask also during the performance and everyone was being ID’ed upon entry. The guy at the door was either very cool about it or he didn’t even look or read, which is what I assume. In any case, it provided for a short moment of anxiety. Outfit of the evening. Franziska’s hairdresser had been a little more playful this time. At the English Theater Frankfurt. Come to think