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Crossdressing in winter

January 2022 - daytime: After the meager out and about year 2021, with one single outing, I was very much intent to make 2022 a great year in terms of crossdressing.  Now, crossdressing in summer is a blast: 5 denier nylons, sandals, light and short silky dresses that caress my legs in a light breeze etc. I am sure all of you visiting my blog, who have ever done that once before, can relate. But winter also has its fun parts of crossdressing: high boots or ankle boots, opaque tights, long and heavy leather skirts or long dresses, some accessories that can only be worn in winter. Passing is also easier in winter, you cover up more, you don’t need to shave your legs and arms (unless you love it, like I do), you wear a scarf or shawl that covers your larynx, etc. With climate and weather in Germany the way they are (for the time being), you can have it all in the course of a full year. I very much enjoy that variability; however, that also asks for a broad selection of feminine garments a

Next steps!

That was it – for 2019. For those of you who are new to this blog or have not yet taken the time to read through it, here is a short wrap-up and some “statistics”: I have been going out as Franziska for exactly 10 years this January and have done so exactly 97 times, with thousands of pictures taken. My ambition is to go out at least once per month, which obviously did not work out on average. Nonetheless, I am very happy with what I have achieved. My top years in terms of number of outings were 2016 and 2017 with 22, respectively 20, however most of those were short 4-hour outings on a weeknight. The absolute lowlight was 2021, with one single day out and about.   This blog, which I only started in October 2022, has by now covered all outings of 2020, the one single outing in 2021, and most recently those of 2019. I will definitely look back in time some more, as there were great outings in the years 2013 to 2018, but we’ll see how far we will get.   With the next posting, we will mov

Moving backwards in time: JANUARY 2019: Evening

“Hessischer Rundfunk“ (HR) is the public broadcaster in the state of Hesse and member of the nationwide network of state public broadcasters in Germany. I love public radio by the way (and public TV, but I watch very little TV). HR has its own Symphonic Orchestra, a Big Band, and a large broadcasting studio, where they host a multitude of events. On that day, Franziska enjoyed the HR Big Band with Fado & More: Cristina Branco at the HR studios.  Outfit of the evening, a blue and white jumpsuit, worn with 8 cm blue high heels (the color of which matches the blue of the jumpsuit, even though it doesn’t look that way in this picture) in the foyer of the HR Sendesaal. Posing for a picture next to the stage during the break. Portrait of the evening (later that night at a bar).

Moving backwards in time: JANUARY 2019: Daytime

The first day out and about in the year 2019 and thus concluding the coverage of that year with two more postings again, daytime and evening. Franziska was wearing a dress and blazer set in brown and first headed to “Kleinmarkthalle” for lunch. If I have the entire day to spend out and about, including an evening event, I am in no rush in the morning. If things are prepared ahead of time, I can be out the door by 9, but my make-up skills and beard growth limit me to about 12 hours. On days that end between 11 and 12 pm, I’ll thus take my time in the morning, drink some coffee, listen to some girly music, and might try different outfits, before I head out the door around noon.  Portrait of the day. Lunch at “Kleinmarkhalle,” same place as in the April 2019 posting.

Moving backwards in time: APRIL 2019: Evening

In the late afternoon, Franziska went home to change for the evening event, the performance of “Le nozze di Figaro,“ an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the Frankfurt opera house. The outfit for the evening was the LBD, complemented with a bright pink blazer, matching necklace and earrings, and lipstick. It is so much fun to show color.   Portrait of the evening. Outfit of the evening in the foyer of the opera house. Relaxing at the same wine bar in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen as in previous (and coming) posts.

Moving backwards in time: APRIL 2019: Daytime

A fairly cold day in April 2019. Franziska spent the day visiting her regular spots in town. The day started out with lunch at “Kleinmarkthalle.” As stated in a previous posting, “Kleinmarkthalle” (“Market Hall”) is a great place for fresh produce and other food items and a great place for lunch and drinks. From there, she went on to “Zeil,” the regular shopping street in downtown Frankfurt, for shopping and to “Goethestra├če,” the luxury shopping street in Frankfurt, for looking, touching, and dreaming.   Portrait of the day. Pasta and truffles with a glass of processo at “Kleinmarkthalle” in downtown Frankfurt. I very regularly wear this gray coat and have had this for on the order of 8 years. The flat brown boots were a recent purchase at a greatly discounted price towards the end of winter. Very recently, I bought matching brown gloves, but am still looking for a matching winter scarf and bonnet to complete the look. By now you’ll probably recognize the “Iron Bridge” across the Main

Moving backwards in time: JUNE 2019: Evening

In the evening of that day it was still very warm, when Franziska went to see the  Chamber Orchestra of Europe at the “Alte Oper” Frankfurt  (on “Alte Oper,” please also see the posting from 12.12.2022).   Portrait of the evening. That pearl necklace (inherited) and these pearl earrings (fake) tend to be Franziska’s favorite jewelry when attending cultural events in the evening.    Posing in front of the entrance to the “Alte Oper.” As I had said in my previous posting, the weather called for short dresses. And short dresses it was. This is actually the shortest dress Franziska ever used to own. By now, it has gone to the eternal hunting grounds, though. Breaks always provide good opportunities to photos ­čśÇ . After the concert, Franziska moved over to Sachsenhausen – south of the river and the nicer part of Frankfurt, as some people say – to sit outside to have dinner. At the other end of the same table were two ladies in their early thirties. They complimented on Franziska’s dress and

Moving backwards in time: JUNE 2019: Daytime

It was a  very  hot Sunday, but hey, the day was planned and booked. And hot days call for what: correct, short dresses! During the day, Franziska visited the “St├Ądel” museum at the “Museumsufer” in Frankfurt. “Museumsufer” is the colloquial name for a stretch along the south bank of the river Main, where you can find numerous museums. The “St├Ądel” museum is a civic foundation, set up more than 200 years ago by Johann Friedrich St├Ądel. My wife and I love this museum and frequently visit the changing exhibitions. And as you will see throughout the coming posts in this blog, Franziska loves to have pictures of herself taken in front of works of art.   Portrait of the day. This is one of the best-known paintings in the “St├Ądel” of our national poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, painted in front of the Roman Campagna by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein. There are some curiosities about this painting, but most famously, it was the template for Andy Warhol’s 1982 depiction of Goethe – also on