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Weekend trip crossdressed: Perfect weather, perfect dress, perfect day

This was the first time that I wore this very, very light – it almost feels like being naked – blue fine silk wrap dress. Shaven legs, wearing 5 denier nylons, and a light wind playing with the hem of my dress – I simply don’t know how to describe this feeling to you.   Portrait of the day. Breakfast buffet at the hotel – another novelty for Franziska. A really cute summer dress that I tried on, but that didn’t end up buying. Shopping and sightseeing can be exhausting, hence, opportunities for a prosecco are always welcome. At “Schlossplatz” (palace square) in Stuttgart. Lunch (“Maultaschen” and “Spätzle”, both regional specialties) at a well-known beer house on “Schlossplatz.”  Heading back to the hotel to get ready for the evening, it is a well-proven practice to have a drink somewhere. I did mention before that Franziska loves pink crémant, didn’t I 😀?

Weekend trip crossdressed: Discovering the “Bohnenviertel”

“Bohnenviertel” – a really strange name for a borough – is named after the common bean or garden bean, known to be the food of the poorer folks that formerly lived in this now lively and hip neighborhood, in walking distance to the center of town. Antique shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants, and bars line the streets, which – of course – makes this part of Stuttgart highly attractive for food-, wine-, and arts-loving Franziska.   Portrait of the evening. On the way to the “Bohnenviertel” for dinner: A picture of Franziska in a sleeveless, silky wrap dress, black sandals, and a black leather jacket – in two versions. Dinner at a very nice, small, local Mediterranean restaurant, operated by a German chef and his wife. She took that picture and complimented – on my very cute, little camera. It is a great camera, which is small enough to fit even in the small outside pocket of a women's blazer. And – no surprise to all regular visitors to this blog – some red wine at the end of the ev

Weekend trip crossdressed: Journey to Stuttgart

On the Friday of my departure, I had reserved ample time to get ready and to get packed. I had made a check list to prevent forgetting something to bring. Around 1 pm, Franziska headed out the door for Frankfurt central station with a suitcase full of dresses, shoes, lingerie, a dressing gown, jewelry, make-up, etc. and a broad smile on her face, as you can imagine. At Frankfurt central station: You might remember this light and simple brown dress from an earlier posting, which seemed suitable for moving about in the summer heat. Matching sandals with a slight wedge heel complete the outfit. You might have also noticed a change in hair style. As already announced, I had Franziska's blonde wig trimmed to shoulder length. Cute, don’t you think? German public transport regulations required face masks to be worn on the train at that time – an annoying, but also a sensible fact, while travelling together with lots of people in one wagon. German trains can be very busy at times, especial

Next steps!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. You might have seen the visitors score to this blog go up, thanks to you. I am very happy about it. Google’s Blogger provides some more statistics to the blog owner, such as visits per week, per day, per posting, country of origin, etc. Hence, I do know you are out there 😉 . One of my fellow bloggers compared blogging to hosting a radio show, not knowing who’s listening, if they enjoy the show, and what they might like about it. So h ere’s my pledge: if you leave a comment or question to any of my postings, I’ll promise to reply. In the last seven postings, we covered the first five days out and about in 2022.  Next week, I will begin a series of seven postings with reports and pictures from Franziska’s three-day weekend trip to Stuttgart. As I had said before, I try to challenge myself to new experiences en femme. And one new experience in 2022 was a weekend trip all en femme. I had planned that trip for a couple of months, I booked a hotel,

Italian lingerie and ecclesiastical baroque music

Day two of two in May 2022: It was the first time I wore this new scuba dress out and about. What a fun dress to wear, but it is unforgiving if you don’t have the figure for it - and you don't know the tricks 😀😅😆 . Underneath also a matching 4-piece set of fine silken Italian lingerie  😉 😉 😉 .    Franziska spent the day wandering around the city center of Frankfurt, enjoying the fair May weather. After an early dinner, she headed to the "Karmeliterkloster," somewhere between the banks of the financial district and the bank of the river Main (hence the city's nickname "Mainhattan"). The "Karmeliterkloster" is a medieval abbey, formerly used by the Order of the Carmelites, which had been founded in Palestine in the 12 th  century. Nowadays, the abbey houses the museum of municipal history of the City of Frankfurt and its “Refektorium” is used for concerts with an audience of maybe 100 guests. That evening, Franziska enjoyed a program called &qu

Shopping - dinner - wine bar

Day one of two in May 2022: This will be a short one, meaning not much to write about that day. I am not sure if you, dear visitors to my blog, care about descriptions, background, and stories at all – as I, unfortunately, receive very few comments from you – or if you are here for the pictures alone. Anyway, this day in May was uneventful in a literal sense: shopping - dinner - wine bar.  Outfit of the day: a simple brown dress, flat shoes, and a short brown leather jacket. A highlight of the outfit is the playful necklace. I hope you like it as much as I do.  Dinner at an Italian restaurant in downtown Frankfurt – again one of the regular spots that Franziska visits.  And again, the same wine bar in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, this time sitting outside and enjoying a glass of Syrah (Shiraz that is, my American and Australian friends).