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Oops, I forgot one outing in the sequence: June 2020

Early summer, very warm, hence, a short and light summer dress during the day and a more formal one for dinner out. The hair is a bit messy. The wig urgently needs styling. Portrait of the day. Dress of the day. Dress of the evening. Enjoying dinner outside, right on Schweizer Straße in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen.

Moving forward: AUGUST 2020: Evening

After having changed at home and freshened up a little, Franziska went out for dinner, followed by a visit to one of her favorite wine bars (unfortunately, no picture available this time).   Leaving the house, common spot to take a picture.   At a restaurant in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, sitting outside and enjoying a light breeze.

Moving forward: AUGUST 2020: Daytime

A warm summer day with two outfits. The joy of crossdressing, of course, lies in being able to wear different outfits. Franziska sometimes wears two outfits on a day out and about, one during the day and one in the evening. In this case there were no specific evening plans, other than trying out a new restaurant. This posting covers the daytime dress, one that I love, although, the fact that it is very short, and silky-satin makes me a little self-conscious.  Portrait of the day. At the Frankfurt stock exchange. There is a similar picture of Franziska from 2014. Maybe one day I will put them next to each other. Having a drink – something sparkling, of course. This is during the COVID summer of 2020 and all public bars etc. were fenced in with only a limited number of people allowed. This is one of my favorites: nice combination of colors, Franziska surrounded by cute dresses, playful open hair with sunglasses. The “Iron Bridge” again with its thousands of locks, looking upriver with th

Moving forward: MAY 2020

A nice and warm spring day in Frankfurt: Time for a light dress, thin pantyhose, and flat sandals.   Portrait of the day. Final check in the mirror: and go! Lunch at an Italian Restaurant outside of Frankfurt’s “Kleinmarkthalle” (“Market Hall”, a temple for fresh produce and other food items and a great place for lunch and drinks). “Hefeweizen”, a staple in Germany’s beverage landscape – and enjoyed not only by men. Checked by the police! On the way home, I was spending some time on one of Frankfurt’s bridges over the river Main, taking some more pictures of myself, respectively, asking another person to take a picture. Apparently, I was read by somebody, who then secretly called the police, claiming there was “some creep taking pictures of girls passing by”. Shortly thereafter, I was stopped by the police on a corner of a street, inquiring what I was up to and stating that they had been alerted. Within minutes, we parted again, after they had convinced themselves that I was not a poli

Moving forward: FEBRUARY 2020

Another winter day out in Frankfurt – this time dressed a little warmer. Again, a day spent without any specific plans, other than enjoying a fem day out on the city.   Portrait of the day. There is a big mirror in the hallway, meant for a final check, before leaving the house 😀 . Enjoying some oysters for lunch – and something sparkling with it. Had I already mentioned Franziska’s preference for Prosecco, Cr é mant, and Champagne? A drink at the end of the day. If I remember correctly, that was at a local bar right on “Schweizer Platz” in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen.

Start of blog content: JANUARY 2020

A winter day out in Frankfurt. It wasn’t very cold out and the plans – shopping and dinner – didn’t call for a specific dress code either.   Portrait of the day. Crossing the “Iron Bridge.” Franziska’s favorite pastimes: shopping and taking photos of herself. I believe, photographs, in particular those taken by others, are the true trophies of crossdressers. Dinner at an Italian restaurant off of Frankfurt’s “Freßgass” (Große Bockenheimer Straße).

Here’s the plan!

I have ventured out en femme regularly since 2013, approaching 100 evenings, half-days, or full days out in total since, and I have taken pictures at every single outing. Many of those pictures are not worth publishing, but I will try to go back to the early days with selected pictures as well over time. I have decided to start with 2020 and to work in both directions. We’ll see how it goes.   These pictures are to be displayed in this blog only! I claim copyright on them and ask you to neither download them, nor to display them anywhere else. If I see them appearing elsewhere, I will request their removal and this blog will be taken down.