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Moving forward: AUGUST 2020: Daytime

A warm summer day with two outfits. The joy of crossdressing, of course, lies in being able to wear different outfits. Franziska sometimes wears two outfits on a day out and about, one during the day and one in the evening. In this case there were no specific evening plans, other than trying out a new restaurant. This posting covers the daytime dress, one that I love, although, the fact that it is very short, and silky-satin makes me a little self-conscious. 

Portrait of the day.

At the Frankfurt stock exchange. There is a similar picture of Franziska from 2014. Maybe one day I will put them next to each other.

Having a drink – something sparkling, of course. This is during the COVID summer of 2020 and all public bars etc. were fenced in with only a limited number of people allowed.

This is one of my favorites: nice combination of colors, Franziska surrounded by cute dresses, playful open hair with sunglasses.

The “Iron Bridge” again with its thousands of locks, looking upriver with the (new) European Central Bank in the background.


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