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Moving forward: MAY 2020

A nice and warm spring day in Frankfurt: Time for a light dress, thin pantyhose, and flat sandals.


Portrait of the day.

Final check in the mirror: and go!

Lunch at an Italian Restaurant outside of Frankfurt’s “Kleinmarkthalle” (“Market Hall”, a temple for fresh produce and other food items and a great place for lunch and drinks).

“Hefeweizen”, a staple in Germany’s beverage landscape – and enjoyed not only by men.

Checked by the police!

On the way home, I was spending some time on one of Frankfurt’s bridges over the river Main, taking some more pictures of myself, respectively, asking another person to take a picture. Apparently, I was read by somebody, who then secretly called the police, claiming there was “some creep taking pictures of girls passing by”. Shortly thereafter, I was stopped by the police on a corner of a street, inquiring what I was up to and stating that they had been alerted. Within minutes, we parted again, after they had convinced themselves that I was not a police-known pervert. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the guts to ask if I can take a “selfie” with them.



  1. Oh, das ist ja blöd gelaufen - aber gut ausgegangen. Ein Foto mit Polizei wäre der Hammer......gewesen. Wer macht eigentlich Deine Fotos ?
    Alles Liebe

    1. Liebe Violetta, vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog und Deine vielen lieben und ermutigenden Kommentare. Die Fotos machen i.d.R. Fremde, soll heißen Leute auf der Straße, die ich anspreche oder oftmals auch die Kellner:innen. Bis ich einigermaßen à jour bin, werde ich noch einige Monate brauchen und regelmäßig posten. Schau also gerne wieder vorbei. Liebe Grüße, Franziska


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