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Weekend trip crossdressed: Lunch and departure!

After the visit to the “Kunstmuseum” on Sunday morning, Franziska was about to look for a restaurant to have lunch, when she heard a very familiar and very attractive sound (“Lieblingsgeräusch” is how my wife calls it) coming from the museum café: the popping of a champagne bottle. Magically attracted, Franziska turned around on her heel to check it out.

Italian lunch – just a salad of course – and a glass of white wine, sitting outside in Stuttgart, somewhere between the “Kunstmuseum” and hotel (to pick up her luggage).

On the train back to Frankfurt – before I remembered that I am to wear a face mask. I tend to wear two necklaces at once, a short one – often with a little heart as a pendant – and a long one. In this case, the pendant of the short necklace says “Franzi,” accompanied by a pink stone, which I really love. I sometimes even wear this in male mode under my shirt.

This concludes the documentation of Franziska’s first ever weekend trip en femme. By the time of posting this, the second trip had already taken place and the third trip is planned and booked 😀. Stay tuned, and sign up as a follower, please.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. What a nice trip. I especially love your short necklace with the pink gem. Very pretty. Sue x

    1. Dear Sue, Thanks for visiting again and for commenting and for your kind words. Love, Franzi


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