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Greetings from EURO 2024 in Germany

Yesterday, Franziska joined the crowd in downtown Frankfurt on day two of the European football championship. After a short opening ceremony on Friday and the opening game, in which Germany beat Scotland, this major sports event is now in full swing.

In downtown Frankfurt a “Fan zone” has been established for public viewing of all games, not just those taking place in Frankfurt’s stadium. It was a very windy day, though, as you can tell.

The nice aspect about this Frankfurt EURO 2024 map – and this is also why I am sharing this with you – is that it covers Franzi’s home turf and playground with all the vanues that you have gotten to know through my blog, foremost: Alte Oper, Oper Frankfurt, Hauptwache, Shopping on Zeil, Römer, New Old Town, Cathedral, Paulskirche, Städel Museum. I love it.

A more extensive review of this day out and about with many more pictures will follow at a later point. A particularly lovely aspect of this day was the meeting with a crossdresser sister for dinner and a visit to a small local theater for an Agatha Christie-based performance in the late evening.